MAYA Cholq’ij / Tzolk’in AGENDA 2021

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Through the Year with the Mayan Calendar

A través del año con el calendario Maya

Mit dem Maya-Kalender durchs Jahr

This agenda is built on our calendar system and linked to the Mayan Cholq'ij or Tzolk'in calendar with 260 days per year.

By understanding or describing the energies of the numbers and signs of the calendar, you can see

what the Mayans give as a quality to a particular day,  and for what a day, a specific date is appropriate. With this you can ideally integrate this knowledge into your scheduling.

But the cholq'ij / tzolk'in is also a companion in spiritual life. Experiencing the energies of the day brings you into the rhythm of cosmos and earth. Introductory texts provide an overview of this very special calendar.

• Author: Susi Lötscher, book on demand, self-publisher Susi Lötscher, Basel 2019.
• Format A5 (about 15 x 21 cm), 104 pages plus 12 blank pages at the end.
• Illustrated with 15 photos on glossy photo paper.
• The agenda has 1 week on 1 page. Every day there is enough space for your own notes, appointments etc.
• The thick paper is ideal for writing. The sides can be completely folded thanks to the ring binding. The ring binding can be easily opened and closed by hand, for example, if you want to change the arrangement of the texts.

ISBN 978-3-033-07382-1

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